New Rupee Symbol adoption in the Print Media

Within weeks of launch of the new Rupee symbol, there was enormous interest in it. Though the symbol is not supported in Unicode yet, there were other fonts  created to try it out. But the print media does not have any problem in adopting it, as the users don’t need a font read it unlike a web page 🙂

I find the new rupee symbol used through out Times of India Newspaper. Even advertisements has the new Rupee Symbol. Also this is prevalent in Tamil magazines( but not to full extend like TOI)

The new rupee symbol has been used in Cartoons:(Ananda Vikatan)

Even advertisement for a Reliance Grocery Stores has the New Symbol: ( in Daily Thanthi)

Even I noticed few adsense image ads sporting the new symbol.

No one expected the symbol to be adopted this fast. But, the print media took the initiated for its early success. But,  it will take another one or two years before it is adopted in softwares of Mobiles, Computers and other gadgets.